Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre De Croix ruled on Thursday that the European Union should consider banning certain Israeli “extremists” who perpetrate or incite violence against Palestinians from entering its territory.

Addressing members of the Belgian parliament, the Flemish liberal politician highlighted attacks against Palestinians in the West Bank, calling the “lack of action against violent extremists “unacceptable”.

“I believe that our country should ensure that those who commit serious crimes, for example those who perpetrate violence in the West Bank, are banned from entering our country and the European Union,” added Mr De Cros.

Personal sanctions should also be imposed on “a minister who called for a nuclear weapon to be used against a population that can do nothing and today lives in appalling conditions”.

He was referring to Israeli ultra-nationalist Amichai Eligiahu, who said during a radio interview that using a nuclear bomb on the Gaza Strip, where his country’s army is embroiled in a war with Hamas, is a “choice”.

The statement sparked an outcry, both outside and inside Israel, and Mr. Eliyahu, a second-ranking minister, saw his participation in “every government meeting” suspended until further notice on Sunday by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision.

Belgium, along with France and Spain, was among 8 EU countries (out of 27) to call for a humanitarian ceasefire in the Israel/Hamas war on 27 October when the UN General Assembly adopted a non-binding resolution .

Yesterday Prime Minister De Cros called for “the world to sit down at the table to negotiate peace”.

“I have never seen a terrorist organization disappear with calls to violence against it, a terrorist organization dissolves when there is no longer a reason for (its) existence, when there is a negotiation,” the head of the Belgian government said.

The Israel/Hamas war will occupy the EU foreign ministers’ council on Monday in Brussels.