IDF spokesman Vice Admiral Daniel Hagari said Sunday night that Israel would “change the security situation in the north” in the midst of successive attacks from Hezbollah backed by Iran and allied Palestinian factions.

“This will not continue the residents of the north do not feel safe to return to their homes,” the Israeli officer said.

As he clarified, “Hezbollah and the Lebanese government they will bear the responsibility for any attacks from Lebanese soil.”

“Lebanese citizens will pay the price of this lawlessness and Hezbollah’s decision to be the protector of “ISIS”, Hagari threatened, describing Hamas as a jihadist organization similar to the Islamic State.

It is recalled that the Minister of Defense of Israel Yoav Galand warned on Saturday that “Hezbollah is close to to make a serious mistake which will end with the people of Beirut to leave their homes”.

Hezbollah has been clashing with Israeli forces on the border since October 8. and at least 90 people, of whom 70 were its fighters, have been killed. On the Israeli side, six soldiers and two civilians have been killed. This confrontation is mainly focused on the border and the Shiite organization mainly attacks military targets in Israel.

Israel’s military said on Saturday that “about 200,000 people” have left the northern Gaza Strip, where fierce fighting has been raging with Hamas, and moved south in the past three days.

“I say here to the citizens of Lebanon, I already see the citizens in Gaza walking with white flags along the coast and move south,” Gallant said during a visit to a military base on the northern border.

“Hezbollah is dragging Lebanon into a war that can happen, and make mistakes. If he makes mistakes of this kind, those who they will pay the price it is first of all the citizens of Lebanon. What we do in Gaza we know how to do in Beirut.” Gallant interpreted.