Relatives of hostages, kidnapped by the Hamas on October 7 and were taken to Gaza Stripleft Tel Aviv today for a five-day march to Jerusalem demanding “a deal for the hostages now.”

This 63 km route will pass through the center of the country and will lead to the prime minister’s office Benjamin Netanyahu where the relatives will demand from him “the immediate release of all the hostages,” explained the Forum of Families of Hostages and the Disappeared.

The group, which was formed after October 7, when 1,200 people were killed and about 240 kidnapped by the Islamist Palestinian movement, according to Israeli authorities, is multiplying demonstrations and speeches to keep pressure on the government and the attention of media.

THE Yuval Haranwhose father Absalom was killed and whose mother, the Soshankidnapped along with six other members of his family, is the pioneer of this new initiative, the organizers explained.

With the portraits of the hostages printed on black T-shirts or on posters, more than a hundred relatives and supporters started at noon from the square of the fine arts museum of Tel Avivwhich has become the point where they gather.

“Deal for hostages now” read placards of the protesters. In recent days, statements on this issue by Hamas, as well as by the Israeli government, have brought this possibility to the fore.

On Sunday, Netanyahu had said in an interview with NBC the possibility of an agreement on the release of hostages.


Yesterday, Monday, the armed wing of Hamas accused the Israeli authorities of “dodging” the talks mediated by Catarrh for the possible release of dozens of hostages in exchange for the release of “200 children and 75 women” imprisoned in Israel.

Today the Israeli army announced her death Noah Marcianoof an 18-year-old Hamas soldier held hostage in Gaza, the day after the Islamist movement released a photo showing her “killed by Israeli shelling.”