The ability to grow rapidly (rapid deployment capacity) of military force must to be fully operational in 2025EU High Representative Josep Borrell emphasized during the press conference he gave after the conclusion of the Foreign Affairs Council at the level of defense ministers, adding that progress has been made in relation to what needs to be done.

As Mr Borrell mentioned, the aim is for 5,000 soldiers to be able to respond “to any imminent threat and to react in a crisis situation”, pointing out that the ability to rapidly develop is a key part of the Strategic Compass.

The EU’s ambition is with the Strategic Compass to become a stronger and more capable security provider, as well as being able to react quickly, forcefully and effectively to conflicts and crises outside its borders.

It will have the ability to rapidly deploy up to 5,000 troops to respond to imminent threats, react to crisis situations and adapt to different phases and scenarios, such as when there is a need to evacuate civilians from an area.

This mechanism will be developed based on specific operational scenarios.

Preparations of the EU’s rapid deployment capability, including its detailed tasks, composition and financial aspects, have been progressing throughout 2022 and 2023.