Morocco: In the final stretch the rescue operation for the boy who fell into a well


Rescuers began the final phase of the excavation, which is very difficult and dangerous, in their attempt to retrieve Ryan, a five-year-old boy who fell into a deep well in a Moroccan village four days ago.

The little boy accidentally fell while playing on Tuesday afternoon in the dry well, which is narrow and difficult to access, dug near the family home in the village of Igran, not far from the Bab Bered site in the province of Chefchaouen.

Rescuers pushed oxygen and water to the bottom of the narrow well. This suggests that Ryan, whose fate has moved the whole country and the international community, is still alive, according to local media.

The tension is great at the scene of the accident, according to journalists of the French Agency.

The rescue operation entered a crucial phase with the start of the opening of a three-meter horizontal tunnel to allow access to the child, local authorities said.

Thousands of people have flooded the area, some of them traveling from afar, in solidarity, as evidenced by the endless queue of parked cars near the village.
There are many who applaud the rescuers and those involved in the operation from time to time to encourage them in their work.

“We are almost there. We have been working hard for three days now. The fatigue is palpable, but all the rescue teams are resisting despite the adversity,” said Abdelsalam Makudi, a chief of staff.

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