Two death row convicts were executed Thursday in the states of Alabama and Texas, in the southern United States.

In Alabama, Casey McWhorter, 49, was pronounced dead at 6:58 p.m. (local time), according to state authorities.

He had been convicted in 1994 of the previous year’s shooting death of a friend’s father, Edward Lee Williams, who had found three teenagers burglarizing his home. He was 18 when he committed the murder; the other two teenagers, including the victim’s son, were 16 and 15.

He was sentenced to death by a jury of 10 to 2.

Alabama and neighboring Florida (to the southeast) are the only two states where unanimity of juries is not required for the imposition of capital punishment.

In Texas, David Renteria, 53, was executed for the 2001 supermarket abduction and subsequent murder of five-year-old Alexandra Flores. He had claimed that a gang forced him to kidnap the little girl and always denied that he was the killer. He was pronounced dead yesterday at 19:11 (local time), according to a statement from the authorities.

With these two, the number of executions that have taken place in the US this year has reached 23, including eight in Texas and two in Alabama, all using lethal chemical solutions.

The authorities in the state of Alabama have announced that their intention is to execute in January 2024 the death row inmate Kenneth Smith with nitrogen gas, a world first. In this type of execution, death occurs from hypoxia (lack of oxygen in the human body).