THE North Korea claimed on Tuesday that its military spy satellite has taken pictures of important US locations and facilities, including the White House and the Pentagon.

The National Aerospace Technology Agency briefed the country’s leader Kim Jong-un on the operations carried out by the reconnaissance satellite on November 25-28.

Last week, North Korea said it had “successfully” launched a reconnaissance satellite into space in its third attempt this year.

“Kim saw pictures of Italy’s capital, Rome, of Anderson Air Force Base, USA taken over the Pacific island of Guam, and photos of other areas,” the Pyongyang-based Korean Central News Agency reported.

“He was also shown detailed photographs of the US Naval Station at Norfolk and the Newport News Shipyard, both in Virginia, taken at 11.35pm. (1435 GMT) on November 27, as well as the White House and the Pentagon in Washington and “other items,” he said.

“Four nuclear aircraft carriers of the US Navy and a British aircraft carrier were spotted in the photographs of the Norfolk Naval Station and the Newport News Shipyard,” the report added.

Last week, Pyongyang claimed to have received photos of US military bases in Guam from its first spy satellite.