The wife of Ukraine’s spy chief, Lt. Gen. Kirill Budanov, has been poisoned with “heavy metals,” the BBC reports, citing local media sources.

“Marianna Budanova was taken to the hospital after feeling unwell for some time” the news site reported Babel, citing intelligence officials while two more Ukrainian media published similar information, based on their own sources.

The BBC notes that Ukraine’s military intelligence service has not commented publicly it does not say whether Russia is believed to be behind the alleged attack.

The news site “Ukrainian Pravda” of Ukraine reported that many other intelligence officials had also been poisoned. However, there were no indications that General Budanov might also have been a target. The general, who heads the Main Intelligence Directorate (DIU) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, has played a key role in planning and at times executing major military operations against Russian forces since the February 2022 broad invasion of Moscow.

Marianna Budanova is completing her treatment and will be monitored by doctors

The news website “Babel”, which on Tuesday was the first to report the alleged poisoning, one of his sources in the Ukrainian intelligence service was quoted as sayingMs. Budanova is completing her treatment and will be monitored by doctors.

The unnamed official added that the substances with which Mrs. Budanova was poisoned “were not used in any way in everyday life or in military operations”, however gave no further details.

News site “Ukrainska Pravda” later cited his own sources that Mrs. Budanova’s poisoning was confirmed after tests. The website added that she had probably been fed poisoned food, but was now “feeling better”.

End, the Ukrainian news agency “Unian” cited its source as saying that Ms. Budanova was being treated in a hospital in Ukraine and not abroad.