About two years after the “Wall of Shame” came down in Berlin, the Princess Diana another “wall” had been breached perhaps even “stronger”, and also obscene, the “wall of fear” about AIDS.

The princess shook hands with an AIDS patient without wearing gloves in 1991. It was an unprecedentedly courageous gesture for the era that broke taboos because many people did not understand how HIV was transmitted, resulting in those suffering from the disease having to spend time isolated in anti-HIV wards AIDS.

Diana visited several of these wards to meet these patients, and expressed her feelings. “I always wanted to hug people in hospital beds” he had emphasized.

She recounted a particular incident to her biographer Andrew Morton, saying: “This particular man who was so ill he started crying when i sat on his bed and held my hand. I thought, “Diana, do it, just do it” and I gave him a big hug. It was so touching because she clung to me and cried.”