Spanish journalist and writer Ruth Batha announced today that she has filed a lawsuit in Spain against French actor Gerard Depardieu for rape that occurred in 1995 in Paris.

The writer, aged 51, told AFP that she filed a complaint last Thursday with Spanish police over a rape that occurred during an interview with the French actor on October 12, 1995 in Paris for Cinemanía magazine, confirming way an information revealed by the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia.

Ruth Batha, who was 23 at the time and the actor, 46, spoke of a “penetration with no consent, no moment” and described feeling “paralyzed” during the incident, which unfolded at her ex’s headquarters production company Roissy Films.

In Spain, the criminal offense of “sexual assault” also includes rape, according to the penal code.

Ruth Batha also spoke to AFP about a “sexual assault”, but when asked if she knew it was rape, Batha replied: “the police called it that”.

Contacted by AFP, police and prosecutors said they could not confirm the filing of the lawsuit, which would be the third against the actor for sexual violence since 2018.

The journalist explained to AFP that she had “completely” forgotten about the events until she read an investigation published by news website Mediapart in April, in which 13 women accused the actor of sexual assault.

This article gave her “an internal trigger” and “flashes” of memory that were confirmed by personal notes from that time, which she says she found.

From a legal point of view, this lawsuit has little chance of success, as the events unfolded in France.

The complainant, however, explains that she decided to file the lawsuit in the hope that she will be able to “help other people” do the same.

Gérard Depardieu is under the microscope of the authorities since 2020 for rape, after the lawsuit of the actress Charlotte Arnoul. He denies the charges against him.

The airing in early December of a report by the program “Complément d’enquête” on the France 2 television network also caused a shock. There the protagonist is seen making misogynistic statements and insults when addressing women.

At the same time, a second lawsuit for sexual assault was filed by actress Helen Daras, for events that unfolded in 2007 during filming. The actor also denies these accusations.