Poland’s culture ministry has announced the dismissal of the management team of public media widely seen as mouthpieces of the previous nationalist-populist government.

The president and members of the board of directors of public televisionradio and news agencies were fired to “restore law and order, impartiality and credibility of the public media,” the culture ministry announced.

Controlled by the Law and Justice Party (PiS)public media were routinely accused of biased reporting, broadcasting government propaganda, and verbal attacks on the opposition.

Yesterday, the ruling coalition passed through parliament a decision requesting it “the restoration of legal order, impartiality and credibility of the public media”.

The former Minister of Culture described these actions as “illegal”.

“There is no democracy without pluralism or without strong anti-government media and in Poland this is the public media,” PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski said.

PiS remained in power for eight years and was defeated in the October parliamentary elections.

The pro-European coalition government led by Donald Tusk has pledged to reform the public media.

The PiS government had been accused by the pro-European opposition and non-governmental organizations to curtail media freedom while channeling significant financial resources to public media.