At least one person was killed and four others were injured when Russian forces bombed a train station in Khersonin southern Ukraine, while an evacuation of civilians was underway, the interior ministry announced.

“Khersona, evening. About 140 citizens were waiting at the station for the departure of the evacuation train. At that moment the enemy launched a massive bombardment of the city,” Minister Igor Klimenko wrote on Telegram.

According to Klimenko, one policeman was killed and two of his colleagues and two civilians were injured by shrapnel.

A few minutes earlier the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky announced that “all services” have been rushed to the station where they were many civilians and that at present the number of victims has not been specified.

Ukrainian railway company Ukrzaliznytsia also said the station and train were damaged, but “the situation is under control” and services can continue.

The Russian army captured Kherson and held it for several months in 2022, but then withdrew to the opposite bank of the Dnieper River, from which he regularly bombards the city. The head of Kherson’s military administration, Roman Mrotsko, said earlier that in the past 24 hours there had been many shellings in the wider area, resulting in four people being injured, one of them seriously.