The the bill amount was wrongbut the shock was so strong which first caused her hospitalization and then the her death. The reason for one 88 year old pensioner from Camporosso (Imperia) which Christmas Eve he died in the hospital of Sanremo after a few days of hospitalization. According to her family, what caused her to end up in the hospital was despair after taking one large water bill, amounting to 15,339 euros, which was ultimately incorrect, as reported by Corriere della Sera.

According to Corriere della Sera, family members said the elderly woman felt ill moments after her daughter-in-law read her the bill for the period August-October, which arrived at the bank on November 14 and was automatically paid by the credit card foundation, “draining” them of all the money she had in her bank account. It was later found that the maximum consumption of the woman’s house was actually only a few cubic meters with a price of only 55 euros.

The aqueduct is managed by a company outside the Municipality of Camporosso, which immediately admitted the mistake. “The invoice was calculated based on an incorrect photo reading – explained the company -. Her actual consumption was 55 euros. Everything that had already been paid and was not due was returned.”

Admissions that are not enough for Caterina’s family and in particular her sons Luigi Gianni and Rocco Trapani who ask for clarification and to establish the responsibilities of those who committed the shocking mistake. For now they say they want to live their pain. The pensioner’s funeral will take place tomorrow at 10.30 am in the parish church of Agios Markos Evangelista in Camporosso.

Concerned and cautious at the same time, the mayor of the city of Liguria Davide Gibelli insists on the fact that “the Municipality has nothing to do with the matter as an external company manages the aqueduct”. “However, this is a very serious incident and the result of unacceptable carelessness. Situations like this cannot happen – he explains to Corriere -. At the same time, however, we must be rigorous and ascertain whether Mrs. Giovinazzo’s illness was indeed a consequence of this erroneous account. He was certainly a very old and frail person. A situation in which even the slightest ‘trauma’ can be fatal.”