The British government announced today the sending about 200 anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine to bolster its defences, following a spate of Russian bombings in many of the country’s cities, with London calling on allies to “intensify their efforts” to support Kiev militarily.

THE Russian President Vladimir Putin “is testing Ukraine’s defenses and the West’s resolve…and today’s shipment of a package of air defense systems sends an unmistakable message that in the face of Russian brutality, the UK remains absolutely committed to supporting UkraineBritish Defense Secretary Grant Shapps said in a statement.

The anti-aircraft missiles, made in Britain by European missile company MBDA, are long-range missiles that are launched by aircraft including Typhoon and F-35 fighters, the Ministry of Defense said.

Britain has committed a total of 4.6 billion pounds in military support for Ukraine within two years.

The announcement of the new mission comes as Russia today launched one of its largest missile attacks in the war with Ukraine, killing 18 civilians, injuring more than 130 others and hitting residential buildings in Kiev, the south and west of the country.