A 30-year-old man died this morning in a Paris hospital where he had been treated yesterday after being hit at least 10 times by a taser during his arrest by police in Montfermeilin the northern suburbs of Paris, reports AFP, citing Bobbini’s prosecutor’s office.

According to the first elements of the investigation, cited by the prosecution of Bobigny, in the northern suburbs of Paris, six police officers used their electrical discharge weapons.

Eighteen police officers intervened in a grocery store in Montfermeil yesterday to arrest this man, who was in “state of hyperarousal’ and ‘aggression’according to the same source.

Born on January 1, 1994 in Martinique, a French overseas department, the man was hospitalized after his arrest in a comatose state in Paris.

On Monday, the authorities will perform an autopsy on his body.

According to a source close to the case, quoting the description of the policemen, a first team of the anti-crime brigade (BAC) intervened following a telephone complaint from the owner of the shop, who complained of threats and aggression from the man. The man then tested positive for alcohol. At the scene, the officers were attacked by the man, one of whom was bitten on the finger and injured in the face. So they called for reinforcements, according to this account.

According to the prosecutor’s office, six police officers, out of 18 who intervened, used the stun guns. The suspect was hit about 12 timesbased on the first data of the research.

According to a source close to the case, the 30-year-old suffered two cardiac arrests before being taken to hospital in a comatose state.

The investigation into the operation was undertaken by the General Inspectorate of the French National Police (IGPN). Officers have yet to testify and surveillance footage is ongoing.