Facing accusations of “genocide” against Palestinians in Gaza is now before him International Criminal Court (ICC) in the hague israel, because of her of his attack on the Gaza Strip. The hearing has already begun.

Both pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli protesters have gathered outside the court.

The Israeli president Isaac Herzog called the accusations “absurd”, while South Africa appealed to the Court.

The memorandum also calls the UN court -based in The Hague in the Netherlands- to order Israel to cease military operations in Gaza.

However, as the BBC notes, the ITC it will merely opine on the genocide claimas the case is not a criminal trial.

South Africa will present its case on Thursday and Israel its defense on Friday.

In its submission, South Africa states that Israel’s actions “they are destined to bring about destruction of a significant part of the Palestinian national,
racial and ethnic group”.

It’s mentioned that Israel’s actions include “murdering Palestinians in Gazacausing them serious physical and mental harm and imposing living conditions calculated to bring about their physical destruction”.

He urgently requests the implementation of “temporary measures” by the courtincluding Israel to stop any military activity in Gaza.

Isaac Herzog characterized the charges “horrible and absurd”.

“We will be at the International Court of Justice and we will proudly present our case for the use of self-defense … under humanitarian law,” he said.

He added that the Israeli military is “doing its best under extremely complicated circumstances on the ground to ensure that there are no unintended consequences and there will be no civilian casualties.”

The ICC could quickly rule on it South Africa’s demand that Israel suspend its military campaign – but a final decision on whether Israel is committing genocide could take years.

The decisions of the ICC are theoretically legally binding on its parties – which include Israel and South Africa – but are not enforceable.

South Africa has been highly critical of Israel’s military operation in Gaza and the ruling African National Congress has a long history of solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

African party sees parallels with its fight against apartheid – a policy of racial segregation and discrimination imposed by the white minority government in South Africa against the country’s black majority until the first democratic elections in 1994.

in Gaza, more than 23,350 people have been killed, according to Hamas’ health ministry, since the war began following the Islamist group’s Oct. 7 attacks in southern Israel. In these attacks about 1,300 people were killed – mostly civilians – and about 240 others were taken hostage.