The battle in the state of New Hampshire, in the second intra-party vote for the nomination of the Republican candidate in the November presidential election in the United States, initially looked lopsided, as the company Edison Research reported that with 5% of the estimated number of votes of supporters of the faction counted, former president Donald Trump secures 51.1% of the vote and Nikki Haley, former governor of South Carolina and former ambassador of the country to the UN, 48%.

Earlier, with 1 percent of the estimated vote counted, Ms. Haley was leading with 57.3 percent, while Mr. Trump secured 42.3 percent, according to the same source.

Still, the Associated Press news agency predicted that it will be Mr. Trump who will emerge as the winner of the contest, dealing a blow to his now only intra-party rival, who had hoped to give her campaign momentum by winning this state.

On the flip side, President Joe Biden, as expected, secured the Democratic votes he needed in the state’s primary, which was held despite not being recognized by the party’s national organization due to a scheduling dispute.