Donald Trump is seeking to secure the Republican nomination to be the party’s nominee in November’s presidential election by “intimidating” the party, his only remaining challenger in the process, Nikki Haley, charged Sunday, criticizing party leaders for they want to give it to him very early.

The candidate decided to continue the effort, despite her defeats in the Iowa and New Hampshire votes — and despite the insistence of Donald Trump, backed by party leaders, that the race be declared over in his favor.

“He cannot bully” his nomination as the Republican candidate in the November election against outgoing President Joe Biden, Ms. Haley said yesterday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“You can’t do that after only two states” out of the fifty that will vote, added the former US ambassador to the UN — to the position, which is equivalent to a ministerial position in the US government, she was appointed by Donald Trump — and former governor of South Carolina.

Nikki Haley criticized the party’s national committee (RNC), which organizes the party’s internal votes, for showing its support too early for the former US president, the undisputed favorite, after his first two victories.

Last Tuesday, after the New Hampshire results were announced, party leader Rona McDaniel said the voters’ choice was “very clear.”

“We have to rally around whoever is going to be our candidate, and that is going to be Donald Trump,” he added.

“I don’t think the RNC should have taken a stand (…) Trump screwed it up when he pushed it to,” countered Nikki Haley.

The candidate hinted that she intends to remain in the internal party process until at least “Super Tuesday”, March 5, a crucial date when party supporters in 16 states will vote. The next vote is scheduled to take place on February 24, in South Carolina.

There, too, polls have Nikki Haley headed for defeat, but for the former governor, even if she loses in her home state, she’s not bound to drop out. He stressed that he just wants to do better than in New Hampshire, where he lost by 11 points.

She also denied that she is staying in the race because she hopes that Donald Trump’s legal adventures, or the health of the 77-year-old former president, will clear the way for her.