Four people were arrested in Italy on charges of belonging to an organization which delivered cell phones and drugs to prisoners using drones.

According to the investigations, the delivery of cell phones and telephones to prisoners in this way was done in correctional institutions of the wider region of Turin, central Italy and Sicily.

Italian police seized two drones while the investigation began last December, with the arrest of one operator. The most impressive thing is that this whole illegal network was coordinated by a prisoner, who is accused of collaboration with the mafia and is in the prisons of Akraganta, in Sicily.

For each delivery, drone operators received 1,500 euros and within a few months the organization had earned over 100,000 euros. The drugs and cellphones were delivered directly to the inmates’ cells, while the mastermind of the spiral then received video as proof of delivery. There were sometimes complaints that the failed mission was incomplete, so it was followed by a free replay.