“Responsible Official Opposition means proposing solutions to problems. Studied and costed” says the President of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, commenting on the new measures for farmers announced by the Prime Minister in Parliament.

In his post on social media, Stefanos Kasselakis states:

“That’s what I did on Tuesday. I proposed eight absolutely cost-effective measures that collectively address the urgent problems of the farming world. Fair measures, which do NOT cost more than 360 million and allow our farmers to continue to provide Greece.

Mr. Mitsotakis, after having the government representative mock the measures we proposed – seeing the farming movement grow – announced a simple extension of the return of the Excise Duty on oil. Not permanent, as we suggested, but for a year.

In reality he just wants to buy some quiet time. So, I call on the prime minister to adopt ALL the eight measures we proposed. I call on him to return to the farmers what is “stolen” from them by the policy of obscene profit that he adopts.