Kim Kardashian’s stranger released: Their mother forgave him


The brother of a Pakistani social media star, who was sentenced to life in prison in 2019 for killing, “in a crime of honor”, the young woman in 2016, was acquitted by a court of appeal in Pakistan, his lawyer announced today.

The victim, Kandil Baloch, whose real name was Fauzia Azim, 26, a brunette with a clear look, was nicknamed “Kim Kardashian” of Pakistan.

This protagonist of Pakistani social media has always appeared well-groomed and with make-up, in provocative poses, which were sometimes considered scandalous by her most conservative compatriots.

Muhammad Wassim’s brother, who had proudly confessed to strangling her for her “unacceptable behavior”, had been sentenced to life in prison.

“He was acquitted of all charges” by a court in the eastern city of Multan, Sardar Mehbub’s lawyer told AFP, without elaborating. The reasoning of the court decision has not been published yet.

The murder of the young woman has caused shock in Pakistan, where hundreds of women are murdered every year by their relatives, under the pretext that they have tarnished the family honor.

In a recent amendment to Pakistani law, the parents of a victim of honor crime can no longer pardon her killer, who is often a family member, something that was previously allowed. However, the competent judge of the case can always choose not to keep the meaning of price between the charges and in this case the killer can ask for his acquittal.

In the first phase, Kandil Baloch’s parents had assured that they would not “forgive” their son before he repented.

A mother’s lawyer said she had given her “consent” to pardon their son, according to Shafdar Shah’s lawyer.

Muhammad Wassim is expected to be released in the coming days, having spent six years in prison.

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