An exchange of fire took place between police officers and a 26-year-old man yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, in a city in France according to a police source for BFMTV.

It all started when a woman became alarmed when she spotted her 26-year-old ex-partner behind her apartment door and called the police about an “extremely dangerous” incident.

When the officers arrived at the scene, the man opened fire on them and the officers shot him, fatally wounding him.

One of the policemen who tried to the scene is in a state of shock.

Members of the police who were called to the scene received “support” from Paris police prefect Laurent Nunez, who clarified that the police had to “retaliate after being the target of gunfire”.

The woman who called the police had taken sole custody of their child on January 18.

The 26-year-old perpetrator was known to the authorities for domestic violence in the past.