A British man managed to travel from the UK to New York without a passport or plane ticket.

In what way; 46-year-old Craig Sturt just… “stuck” behind another traveler and went through all the checks.

As the Daily Mail notes, the incident that embarrassed Britain took place before Christmas, but it was revealed yesterday Saturday after the authorities declared him missing.

The man is accused of following another passenger through security and passport control at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 and even enjoying free food and drink on a British Airways flight before landing in the US.

He is said to have been arrested by armed officials there, who found he was undocumented and sent back to the UK on a charter flight.

The 46-year-old then handed himself over to Met Police officers at 8pm on Christmas Day, before being taken to a hospital in Reading. However, he reportedly escaped from the hospital and has not been seen since, resulting in him being reported missing.

The Sun notes that the Home Secretary is seeking answers about the “humiliating fiasco”.

After he escaped from hospital, a warrant was issued for his arrest on January 22 and Thames Valley Police released a photograph of him on January 30. The man has been spotted taking £200 in cash from a machine on Tottenham Court Road in London.