North Korean leader Kim Jong-un received a car as a personal gift from Russian President Vladimir Putin, the North Korean news agency (KCNA) reported today.

The two countries have strengthened ties since the Kim-Putin meeting in September and pledged to strengthen cooperation in all fields. After all, their options are limited because of international sanctions: on Russia because of its invasion of Ukraine, on North Korea because of its programs to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

The Russian-made car was delivered to Kim on February 18, KCNA reported, adding that the North Korean leader’s sister “conveyed Kim Jong-un’s thanks to Putin” and emphasized that the gift demonstrates the two leaders’ special relationship on a personal level.

The report did not specify the type of car, nor how it was transported from Russia. Kim is said to be a four-wheeler enthusiast and maintains a collection of luxury vehicles that he has smuggled into his country.

In September, during a visit to a space center in the Russian Far East, Kim showed great interest in Putin’s Aurus Senat presidential limousine, and the Russian president invited him into the back seat. The North Korean leader had driven to the spaceport in a Maybach limousine brought by train from Pyongyang.

The limousine in question and others in which Kim has been seen – including several Mercedes, a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a Lexus – are on a list of luxury items that, according to UN Security Council resolutions, are prohibited from being exported to the North Korea.