An investigation has been launched by the British Home Office after a baby’s birth certificate was returned to his parents with the word Israel crossed out. The incident is cause for concern for escalating anti-Semitism in Britain in the shadow of the war in Gaza.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism organization said the certificate was sent as part of a passport application two weeks ago, and was returned on Monday with the father’s origin blacked out. The organization, which publicizes cases of anti-Semitism, said the incident was completely unacceptable.

He posted the photo of the certificate on X, saying: “Two weeks ago a member of the public sent a passport application to @ukhomeoffice for their six month old baby girl. “Today, the birth certificate was returned torn up with the word ‘Israel’ written on it. The parents are understandably very concerned about this incident. We are asking the Home Office to investigate how this happened. The Home Office has responsibility for law enforcement and the safety of the Jewish community.”

Speaking in the House of Commons today, Policing Minister Chris Phillips stressed that “whenever and wherever crime involving anti-Semitism occurs, this Government expects the police to fully investigate the incident and work with the Crown Prosecution Service to bring the perpetrators to justice in justice”.