Another seven people suspected of espionage for the benefit of Israel were arrested in Turkey, two months after a major wave of arrests, the official Turkish news agency Anadolu reported today Tuesday.

The suspects, who include a private detective and civil servants, are accused of providing the Mossad with information on people living in Turkey for a fee. “Middle Eastern citizens and businesses”Anadolu reported citing sources in the security forces.

thirty four faces, suspected mainly of helping Israeli intelligence to prepare kidnappings on Turkish soil, had already been arrested in early January across Turkey.

The Istanbul prosecutor’s office had declared that 12 other suspects, charged on the same grounds, are still wanted.

A security source told AFP that the suspects, most of whom are foreign nationals, had been recruited as part of “operations targeting Palestinians and their families”.

“It’s just the beginning… You will learn Turkey from the good one,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned a few days later, addressing Israel.

Erdogan has said there is “no difference” between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Adolf Hitler.