Thousands of Spanish citizens demonstrated in central Madrid today to protest against a bill granting amnesty to Catalan separatists involved in a failed independence bid in 2017.

Spain’s ruling Socialist Party (PSOE) reached an agreement with two Catalan nationalist parties on Thursday, meaning the bill will go before parliament later this month.

The amnesty bill has sparked mass protests, with the conservative People’s Party (PP), the far-right Vox and some within the Socialist Party opposing it.

“As far as Vox is concerned, there will be no truce or peace for this government,” Santiago Abascal, the leader of Vox, told reporters in Madrid during today’s rally, where demonstrators carried Spanish flags and chanted patriotic songs.

The Socialists proposed the amnesty in exchange for support for a new term for Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez from the two Catalan parties, which they agreed to on Thursday.

The amnesty will cover all events related to the independence bid since 2011, including a symbolic vote held in 2014 and an independence referendum in 2017, which were ruled illegal by Spanish courts.