Chancellor Olaf Solz appealed yesterday Sunday for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip during Ramadan, which begins today, while he asked for “a peaceful Ramadan” for Germany as well.

In his weekly video message, Olaf Solz noted that the month of Ramadan is a special time for contemplation and reflection and said that “breaking the fast together is a nice gesture for peaceful coexistence and cohesion.”

At the same time, he stressed, during Ramadan many people think of those who experienced hardship, war and violence. “I want you to know: you are not alone” in this, the chancellor said. “Many people in Germany sympathize – in pain for the murdered and kidnapped Israelis and for the fate of the innocent dead, wounded and those suffering in Gaza.”

In this context, the chancellor called for a ceasefire in the Middle East, “ideally during Ramadan”. This, he said, would ensure that Israeli hostages taken by terrorist Hamas would be released and that more humanitarian aid would reach Gaza.

Referring to Germany’s Muslims, Mr Scholz said it was unacceptable for them to feel insecure about their future. “Our response to this must be very clear: we will not allow ourselves to be divided as a country,” he stressed, referring to far-right plans for mass deportations of migrants recently revealed.

“Organized preachers of hate on social media are not the majority in our country, but the millions of citizens, old, young, city and village residents who have been taking to the streets in respect and solidarity for weeks,” he said and called on citizens not to they are misled by hateful and divisive comments.