Many government agencies have been hit by cyber attacks of “unprecedented intensity” since Sunday night in Franceas it became known today from the government which assured that their effects have so far been “limited” and that access has been restored.

A source close to the security services said that at this stage the attacks “cannot be attributed to the Russians”.

“Since last night, many government agencies have been targeted by cyberattacks using classic methods, but with unprecedented intensity,” the prime minister’s office said, which set up a “crisis response team to develop countermeasures.”

Many ministries have been targeted, such as the Ministry of Labour.

“At this stage, the impact is limited and access to government websites has been restored,” the prime minister’s office assured.

The June 9 European elections, just before the Paris Olympics, could be a “significant challenge and target” for foreign interventions, Defense and National Security (SGDSN) Secretary-General Stéphane Bouillon warned last Wednesday. The SGDSN, which reports to the prime minister, will organize an “awareness session on so-called hybrid threats” on March 29 for all French parties participating in the European elections to highlight the dangers of “cyber-attacks, information manipulation and foreign interventions”.

For his part, Armed Forces Minister Sébastien Lecorny requested on February 20 that security measures be strengthened in the face of threats of “sabotage and cyber attack” by Russia, according to an internal memo obtained by AFP.