A 103-year-old Italian woman “arrested” while he was driving, in the middle of the night, with an expired license and no insuranceas she decided she wanted to “visit friends” near Ferraraas the police reported today.

It was 1 a.m. Sunday to Monday when the carabinieri received a call about dangerous driving in the center of Bodeno, a community of 13,000 inhabitants in Emilia Romana. The patrol that arrived at the scene quickly located the car in question. The surprise of the carabinieri was great when they discovered the date of birth of the driver: 1920, that is, she was over 103 years old, but still able to sit at the wheel and drive to Bodeno to see her friends.

Because of the late hour, the old lady, who was driving even though her license expired two years ago, “was disoriented and kept going down the same roads.

In Italy, after the age of 80, drivers must see a doctor every two years in order to renew their license.

The carabinieri only gave the centenarian a verbal reprimand and escorted her home.

However, she is not at all ready to stay at home, despite her adventure: “I will buy a Vespa or a scooter”, said Giuseppina Molinari or “Jose” affectionately, speaking to the local newspaper La Nuova Ferrara. In the meantime, he gets around by bicycle.

The story of the dynamic old woman caused the admiration of the mayor of Ferrara, Alan Fabbri, who comes from Bodeno: “I would give her a medal instead of a fine (…) To have such inner strength is not common and it gives me hope for my own old age,” he wrote on his Facebook page.