In today’s episode, the contestants of “My Style Rocks” presented stylistic suggestions for the day of Clean Monday ahead of the three days of Halloween. So which players managed to impress their teammates and the judging panel, and which received negative feedback?

Stelios Koudounaris, after walking the opening catwalk, realized that he forgot to wear the shoes he had chosen for today’s appearance.

The big change in Fotini’s stylistic choices gave rise to suspicions among the players and the jury that the contestant does not take care of her looks alone. Andriana mainly launched a direct “attack” towards Fotini, openly accusing her of having the help of a stylist, with the player denying the accusations. Despite the suspicions, Stelios Koudounaris intervened and pointed out that one cannot “attack” a female player without proof.

“Did your mom dress you today?”, Fotini asked Andriana about her outfit today, then describing it as “childish”. The contestant, for her part, reacted to her teammate’s comments and emphasized that her look is inspired by the tennis core trend.

The negative comments and Casablanca’s low rating on Tanya “sparked” a heated argument between the player and Zeta, with Casablanca claiming she is obsessed with her.

Zeta asked to speak and expressed her dismay at Casablanca’s reaction when the player looked at the score she had placed on another contestant. While, for her part, Casablanca accused her of psychosis and emphasized that she considers it indiscreet to look at the ratings of her teammates, with the contestant stressing that it is something that all players do and that the way he spoke to her was rude .

Nikolina was the one who flew the kite the highest, collecting the highest score in today’s test on the theme of “Clean Monday”. Which player did she decide to take a point from?