The General Prosecutor’s Office of Peru announced yesterday, Monday, that it has begun to conduct a preliminary investigation against the president of the country, as the Dina Boluarte allegedly wore expensive watches, without having declared their acquisition nor the origin of the money, during the time he was a minister.

The investigation began after a report by the Peruvian news website La Encerrona, which began publishing on March 15 reports accompanied by photos showing Ms. Boluarte wearing the watches when she was a member of the government in 2021 and 2022.

It concerns suspicions of “illegal enrichment” and the failure to declare “the acquisition of Rolex watches,” the prosecution explained in a press release.

Mrs. Boluarte assured that she has “clean hands” and that she only has a watch, of some age, bought with her savings.

The president, 61, had already faced an investigation, with an even heavier indictment (“genocide”, “serial murders with aggravating circumstances” and “causing grievous bodily harm”), after the deaths of more than 50 people in the riots that followed her inauguration in December 2022.

The head of state typically has legal immunity until the end of her term in 2026.