Elon Musk may be wary of alleged drug use. After the bombshell reports about the use of LSD, cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine by the “strongman” (Tesla-SpaceX-Twitter-Neuralink), he seems to have changed his stance: “It’s just ketamine for depression and it’s actually good for shareholders.”

If his companies are doing well, Musk recently argued, and he takes drugs while running those companies, then he should stay on drugs, for the sake of capitalism. Unfortunately, there are many people who hold these views and consider drugs to be a decent working tool!

Professionals are increasingly using substances such as LSD, psilocybin and ketamine, Business Insider writes in an article, as mechanisms to improve their performance. Startup hustlers and working women say they turn to
“magic mushrooms” to be more productive and creative or just to relax.

Some executives go to luxury psychedelic retreats, where they spend a few days in a forest, trying to “unlock” their minds in ways they hope will “unlock” business opportunities, a la Steve Jobs. The market for psychotropic drugs is lucrative and is expected to reach $11 billion by 2027.

Drugs used to be seen as dangerous, an “obstacle” to success in life, or something one did for fun. Now they are increasingly seen as a useful tool for work.

Magic mushrooms in the past were used in religious and spiritual ceremonies. They have a psychedelic effect and the user experiences more intense visual images and “distortions” of reality. Ketamine induces a state similar to… ecstasy while providing pain relief, sedation and amnesia.