Amirchom Islamov (bottom photo) and his father Israel Islamov, two of the eight suspects who were arrested in connection with the massacre that took place at the Crocus concert hall in Moscow last week, filed an appeal against their pre-trial detention decisionthe state news agency RIA reported today Thursday.

The Islamov family – brothers Amirchon and Dilovar and their father Isroel, who are originally from Tajikistan, are accused of aiding and abetting the four Tajiks accused of the Crocus City Hall attack, in which they were killed at least 143 people.

A few days ago, when considering the issue of the arrest, Amirchom Islamov stated that he does not consider himself guilty.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not yet scheduled a meeting with the families of the victims of the Crocus City Hall attack in Moscow, the Kremlin said today..

“If contacts are needed, we will let you know,” the Kremlin spokesman replied Dmitry Peskov when asked by journalists if the Russian president plans to meet the relatives of the victims of this attack, which claimed the lives of 143 people.