Her Ministry of Health Hamas in the Gaza Strip announced at dawn today that at Al Shifa Hospital – from where tanks and other armored vehicles of the Israeli army, which invaded two weeks earlier, left a little earlier – were found dozens of corpses.

“Dozens of bodies of martyrs, some in condition decaywere found inside and around the Sifa hospital,” the ministry noted in a statement, adding that the property damage is “extreme” in all the buildings of the facility.

The Israeli army, until this time, has not confirmed that it withdrew its forces from the hospital.

Third massacre in al Shifa

This was the third time the hospital complex in northern Gaza was targeted by Israel.

The Israeli forces besieged for days the building complex of the hospital, where thousands of civilians have found refuge, in the midst of bombardments and deprivation of food and water.

For 15 days, in addition to the “hammering”, Hamas and Palestinians on social media complained that the Israeli army was executing civilians in cold blood.