A federal judge in Los Angeles on Monday rejected a series of requests by Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden, to drop a criminal tax evasion case against him, documents show.

Among the arguments in the eight appeals dismissed by Judge Mark Scarci were that federal prosecutors acted because of pressure from Republicans, or that the 54-year-old former lawyer and businessman has immunity in the case after taking a plea deal.

Hunter Biden has pleaded not guilty to charges that he failed to pay taxes on $1.4 million of his 2016-2019 taxable income while allegedly squandering millions on drugs, escort services, exotic cars and other luxury goods.

His trial is expected to begin in June, a few months before the Nov. 5 presidential election, a contest heralded as lopsided and deeply polarizing between Democratic President Biden, who is also under investigation by the House of Representatives, and the Republican front-runner. of Donald Trump, facing four criminal trials.

Hunter Biden, the first child of a sitting president to face criminal charges in US history, is also to be tried separately in Delaware for illegal possession of a gun while still a drug addict.

In this case too, he pleaded not guilty and submitted, in vain, requests that the prosecution be dropped.

The legal adventures of son Biden are highly publicized by the Republicans, who apparently see them as a unique opportunity to hurt the president; in recent years, they have not stopped accusing the whole family of being involved in corruption cases.