London, Thanasis Gavos

Thousands of incidents interference in the passenger aircraft navigation system (GPS) over the Baltic, Black Sea and eastern Mediterranean over the past eight months, the Sun newspaper reveals.

These cyber attacks are attributed to Russia and are characterized by experts as “extremely dangerous‘, as pilots are unsure of their course and have difficulty communicating with the operators of other aircraft.

The Countries which fall under the category “high risk» in terms of blocking the navigation systems of aircraft flying in their airspace include Cyprus and the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe in general.

The low risk category includes Hellas.

More specifically, in the eight months to the end of March, there were 2,309 incidents of interference on Ryanair flights, 1,368 on Wizz Air flights, 82 on British Airways aircraft, seven on Jet2 and TUI and four on EasyJet.

The figures cited by the British newspaper result from research by a flight data analysis company.