The head of the intelligence service of the Israeli armed forces, Lt. Gen. Aaron Haliva, officially announced his decision to resign on Monday.

In his resignation letter, Haliva reflects on his 38 years of service in the IDF, saying: “Throughout my career, I am fully aware of the enormous responsibilities that leadership entails – responsibilities towards the mission, our people and our successes and failures”.

Haliva described the events of October 7 as a “murderous surprise attack” that highlighted a critical information gap under his leadership.

Following the October 7 Hamas attack that killed 1,200 people in Israel, Haliva stated that he bears the responsibility for the failures that led to the bloody attack.

It is the first official resignation for the bloody fiasco of October 7th. On October 7, Hamas invaded Israeli territory killing civilians without facing any real resistance. Looting followed, with the Israeli authorities being accused of more than that “caught sleeping”, but they were also slow to react.