End to hostage-taking at an Apple store in Amsterdam

End to hostage-taking at an Apple store in Amsterdam

Dutch police announced tonight that it was over the thriller at an Apple store in Amsterdamwhere a gunman held hostages for several hours.

According to a relevant announcement, the perpetrator was arrested by police.

Earlier it was reported that several people had left the store, located in the main square of the city. Early in the afternoon, police evacuated the square in the southern part of Amsterdam’s shopping center and asked locals to stay indoors and not go out trying to see exactly what was happening.

A video posted on social media showed a man in camouflage pants and a black hood threatening a store employee with a gun.

In Amsterdam, the largest city in the Netherlands, four armed robberies were recorded in mobile phone shops in 2021, forcing companies to reduce the number of devices they keep in their shops to reduce losses in similar attacks. However, none of the previous 4 robberies took place in a central part of the city.

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