The New York police, the well-known NYPD, raided Columbia University’s Hamilton building yesterday evening, which had been occupied by pro-Palestinian students after the administration gave them an ultimatum to disperse.

The NYPD proceeded to arrest more than 100 protesters, who were wearing handcuffs and chanting “shame on you!” to the policemen who took them to the cages.

Police used flash flares.

Police also say they have evicted all protesters from the campus, including those who had set up camp for nearly two weeks on campus.

NYPD officers entered the occupied Hamilton Hall through a second-story window, using ladders.

The Columbia administration authorized the invasion after protesters defied a deadline to disperse.

The raid came just hours after the mayor of New York Eric Adams said the strike at Columbia, one of the Ivy League universities, “must end now.”

According to him, “professional external agitators” had infiltrated the protests.

“After learning overnight that Hamilton Hall had been occupied, vandalized and locked down, we had no other choice,” a university spokesperson said in a statement.

US universities have been engulfed in protests as students demand a boycott of companies and individuals with ties to Israel during the Gaza war.

US President Joe Biden said protests should be peaceful, but “violently occupying buildings is not peaceful, it’s wrong.”