In the final stages of tests before joining China’s fleet, the new one enters state-of-the-art aircraft carrier Fujianwhich launched in 2022. Fujian started today Wednesday the his first trip to seataking a decisive step before joining the Chinese fleetwho aspires to be the largest in the world and to be maintained there for years to come.

The Chinese aircraft carrier sailed from the port of shanghai and will travel a distance of 80 miles, to be evaluated in real conditions at sea.

The naval assessment is expected to take place in the East China Seaabout 80 miles from the Jiangnan shipyardwhere the monstrous ship had been under construction for more than six years, the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration announced.

Look at him Fujian departure from Shanghai port:

“The sea trials will primarily test the reliability and stability of the propulsion systems and the electrical systems of the aircraft carrier”the state-run Xinhua news agency said in a statement on Wednesday.

The warship was launched in 2022 and “completed docking tests, equipment tasks and equipment adjustments” reaching the final sea trials, Xinhua added.

Displacing 80,000 metric tons, Fujian outstrips its two active carriers People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN)the Shandong 66,000 tons and the Liaoning 60,000 tons. Only the United States Navy has larger aircraft carriers than the Fujian.

The main feature of Fujian is one electromagnetic catapult system that will allow it to launch larger and heavier aircraft than the Shandong and Liaoning.

Analysts say that Fujian’s ability to launch larger warplanes that carry higher munition loads over longer distances will give Fujian greater combat range from its predecessors in the Chinese fleet, providing the “PLAN”, China’s blueprint for expanding its dominance in the oceans.

“These sea trials they mark the first major step in China’s capability development to project maritime air power in deep ocean areas’said Carl Schuster, a former US Navy captain and former director of operations at the US Pacific Command’s Joint Intelligence Center.