The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Giorgos Gerapetritis, is in Prague today, where he will hold a meeting with his Czech counterpart, Jan Lipavský.

The focus of the talks between the two ministers will be the developments in Ukraine, with the Czech defense industry currently geared towards supporting Ukraine’s defense. The two countries cooperate on defense issues both within NATO and bilaterally.

According to diplomatic sources, the issue of energy diversification will still be discussed. Athens can contribute to the energy autonomy of Prague, through the Greek vertical natural gas corridor with reserves from both Revythoussa and the FSRU, which is expected to be commissioned within the next months, projects that contribute to European energy security .

Athens and Prague are countries that agree on the need for European enlargement, supporting the accession process of the Western Balkans, but also of Ukraine, the same sources point out. There is still a common understanding of the need to protect the EU’s external borders.

Greece still continues to promote its candidacy for the position of non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. European issues and the issue of EU reform will also be discussed.

According to the same sources, the Czech Republic, a country with traditionally good relations with Greece, is considered the most moderate country of the Visegrad group, of which it currently holds the presidency.

It is a member of the three seas initiative, to which Greece recently joined, while this year marks 20 years since its entry into the European Union.

The meeting will take place at 11:00 local time, the extended talks at 11:30, while at 12:00 the two foreign ministers will hold a press conference