Ukraine to Turkey: Close the Bosphorus to the Russians


An official request to Turkey to close the Bosphorus Straits for Russian warships was submitted by Ukraine after the invasion of its territories by Russian forces in the early hours of the morning.

Due to the dramatic developments in Ukraine, the Security Council of Turkey is being convened today.

It is worth noting that Kiev has already announced yesterday that it will ask Ankara to close the Bosphorus Strait for Russian warships in case of escalation.

“In the event of a large-scale military invasion or military operation against Ukraine, we will ask the Turkish government to consider closing the Black Sea Straits to the attacking state,” Ukrainian Ambassador to Ankara Vassil Bond told Reuters yesterday.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has issued instructions to its citizens in Ukraine stating that

  • The airspace is closed. Stay in your homes or in safe places
  • Avoid travel
  • Necessary support, guidance will be provided to those who wish to leave the country.

There is no official reaction from Russia to the Russian intervention in Ukraine yet, however yesterday Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said that he can not leave aside neither Russia nor Ukraine.

SKAI’s correspondent in Turkey, Manolis Kostidis, explained that a big question remains how Ankara will react, as on the one hand it is a NATO country and on the other it is highly dependent on Moscow, as the Russians are “building” its nuclear power plant. supply with natural gas while covering its air defense through the S-400.

He assessed that now Turkey is called to decide with whom it will go, and that it will try to satisfy all parties without taking a clear position.

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