Lula regrets Russia’s attack on Ukraine and demands UN representation


Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) regretted Russia’s decision to attack Ukraine. In an interview this Thursday morning (24), the PT said that it is a delicate, complicated issue that must be repudiated.

“It is regrettable that in the second decade of the 21st century we have countries trying to resolve their differences, whether territorial, political, or commercial, through bombs, shots and attacks, when they should have been resolved at a negotiating table,” said PT. in an interview this Thursday morning (24) .

“No one can agree with war, military attacks by one country on another. We are used to seeing that the powers do that from time to time without asking permission. That’s how the US invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, without asking anyone’s permission. That’s how France and England invaded Libya. And that’s how Russia is doing it with Ukraine,” he said.

Lula also said that the conflict could have been avoided if the “UN had more representation and strength” and that it should not be a “decorative institution”. He also stated that it is necessary to call more countries to participate in the Security Council of the entity.

“Brazil needs to contribute with tough interventions so that we try to change the representation of the United Nations and take the UN out of being a decorative thing. That’s what I think we need to do.”

Lula also jabbed President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who met with Putin this month. At the meeting, Bolsonaro said that “we are in solidarity with Russia”.

“It even seems like a joke, Bolsonaro went there to say he was going to solve the peace and now I think it’s important to send him there to Ukraine to see if he can solve the problem there. As he loves to tell lies, he loves to make fake news so he went there. and tried to pass it on to the society that was there on a mission. To this day we don’t know what he went to do there”, he said.

The current representative did not comment on the conflict until the publication of this text.

Former minister and presidential candidate Ciro Gomes (PDT) also commented on the conflict on social media. He stated that “there is no longer a distant war with limited consequences” and attacked the Bolsonaro government. “We need to prepare, therefore, for the consequences of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Especially since we have a fragile government, unprepared and lost”, he said.

“Society and other powers need to be alert to supervise an executive with internal and external policies full of mistakes and rants. The imbalance in the international order can generate the effects of another type of pandemic, especially in this Brazil that is currently so vulnerable”, wrote Ciro. .

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