Last day of Biden’s visit to France. With special meaning is the response to pay tribute to the American soldiers who lost their lives during the First World War. The 2289 graves are located in the Bois Belleau cemetery 100 km from Paris, where Donald Trump refused to go 6 years ago, in September 2018, at the events for the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, due to the rainy weather, even characterizing the dead as “losers”. It is clear that with this visit and the laying of the wreath, Biden is separating his position from that of his opponent, remotely fighting his own election battle with the likely Republican candidate. Election day today for the Europeans as well, and Joe Biden does not have the opportunity to explain his positions on Europe, with reassuring statements, for those who are mainly worried about the possible re-election of Trump. “I have a radically different vision than his,” he explains.

“France, our first friend”

“I think the main element of American security is tied to our alliances. He just wanted to leave them,” he said, referring to Trump’s criticism of NATO. It should be noted that yesterday, the day of the official visit, which was also the first “official” one for Joe Budden in Paris, was also a day of fervent demonstration by the two leaders of the American-French friendship. Despite some relatively recent tensions, such as 2021 (French submarines Australia) and 2022 (US industrial protectionism program), both leaders limited themselves to those that highlighted what unites the two countries, reveals the difficulties or differences. “France was our first friend and will remain one of our best,” said the American president.

He even added that on July 4 the USA will celebrate Independence Day. “This feat would not have been possible without the help of France” he underlined, referring to Lafayette’s mission and action. The then young idealist Lafayette fought alongside George Washington and contributed to the writing of the first Declaration of the Rights of Man during the National Assembly formed in June 1789. In the USA Lafayette, who was called a “hero”, rejoices. even today and maintains a symbolic position, as a link between France and America.