White House: Intense, candid seven-hour debate between US and Chinese officials in Rome


The USA consider its alignment “deeply worrying” Of China with the Russia opposite war in Ukrainesaid a high-ranking official tonight official of White Houseafter the meeting they had in Rome one advisor of the chairman Joe Biden with one top executive of Communist Party of Of Chinawhich apparently did not lead to the de-escalation of tension.

The conversation between Jake Sullivan and Yang Jiechi lasted seven hours and was “intense” and “very honest.”

The same source, however, assured that this meeting was being prepared since December.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, declined to comment on US media reports that Moscow had requested financial and military assistance from Beijing to invade Ukraine. Russia has denied the allegations, as has China, which has accused the United States of spreading “false news.”

On Sunday, Sullivan warned Beijing that the United States would “not let any country make up for Russia’s losses” because of the economic sanctions imposed on it. So far, however, Washington has not specified what measures it could take.

Since the start of the war on February 24, Beijing has avoided asking Russian President Vladimir Putin to withdraw its troops from Ukraine.

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