“We do not accept the transfer of Crimea and Donbass to Russia,” said the Ukrainian vice president.


In an interview with Italian television channel La7 and journalist Lily Gruber, Ukrainian Vice President Irina Verestsuk referred to the positions of her country, which has been under Russian attack for 19 days.

“We can not accept that the Russians remain in Crimea and Donbass. President Zelensky could not explain to our people why so many people died, from 2014 until today. “Putin is killing civilians, and it is clear that these conditions can not be accepted,” said the Ukrainian vice president.

“We are calling for a no-fly zone over nuclear power plants, otherwise this war could spread to countries such as Poland and Lithuania. “What is needed, immediately, is a ceasefire and the creation of humanitarian corridors for the elderly, women and children,” added Irina Verestsuk.

Speaking to Italian channel La7, he also stressed that “its country is very difficult to win if no-fly zones are imposed” and that “Ukraine urgently needs air defense systems.”

“Without these zones, we will not be able to safeguard nuclear power plants and this will be a problem for everyone,” she said.

Irina Verestsuk expressed the view that “it is the attitude of the West that allowed Putin to behave in this way in Ukraine, because in 2014 Russia was not imposed heavy and decisive sanctions.”

“Putin must withdraw his troops and be held accountable for what has happened. We want to reintegrate into our territory all the areas that Russia has taken away from us. “It could be done by a decision of an international organization,” said the vice-president of the Ukrainian government.

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