New warning from the British Ministry of Defense for possible use of chemicals by Russia


London, Thanasis Gavos

A new warning about the possible use of chemical or biological weapons by Russia in Ukraine was issued by the British Ministry of Defense on Monday night.

According to an information note, Russian accusations that Ukraine intends to make the same use of chemical or biological weapons continue, without evidence.

The British ministry emphasizes that Russia “could possibly plan to use chemical or biological weapons in a deceptive operation”.

He explains that such an operation could be a fake attack, a staged “discovery” of chemical / biological agents or weapons, or fabricated evidence of alleged Ukrainian plans to use such weapons.

An attack of this kind would almost certainly be accompanied by widespread misinformation to complicate accountability, the British media added.

It is recalled that security intelligence had noted that Russia was planning to use deceptive operations to justify the February 24 invasion of Ukraine.

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