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Abramovich: He was poisoned by chocolate – It was a warning not to betray the Kremlin, says researcher


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The lead investigator who revealed his poisoning Roman Abramovich He said the attack was a warning to the billionaire and others not to betray the Kremlin.

Christo Grozev, Russia’s chief investigator for the Bellingcat research news agency, said purpose of the attack Abramovich was not to die, but the message was sent to those oligarchs who declared independence from the Kremlin and criticized the war.

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Similar poisoning they also suffered two Ukrainian negotiators.

The investigator told Times Radio: “The dose was not high enough to kill any of the three, the most likely target would be Abramovich. And it makes some sense. I mean, he offered to play … this role of honest mediator, but other oligarchs had … declared certain independence from the Kremlin position and criticized the war. “So it could very well be seen as a warning sign for them, not to join the ranks of those who disagree and not to be overly honest mediators.”

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A spokesman for Abramovich confirmed yesterday that the oligarch had symptoms of poisoning after eating chocolate and drinking water, but declined to give further details.

Both Abramovich and the other two negotiators showed symptoms that included irritation and stinging in the eyes as well as flaking of the skin on the face and hands.

THE Abramovich He was reportedly “blinded for several hours” and taken to a hospital in Turkey, according to a Guardian source.

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