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Denmark sends 800 NATO troops to Baltic states for fear of Russian threat


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THE Denmark announced today that it has towards NATO a battalion 800 soldiers for a possible reinforcement on Baltic countriesin front of Russian threat.

This country has already deployed about 200 men and fighter jets in Estonia and Latvia and has sent a frigate to the eastern part of the Baltic Sea.

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“We already have a significant presence in the region, but we are ready to do more,” she said Mete Fredericksenduring a press conference.

“That’s why the government will propose sending a battalion of about 800 (soldiers) to the Baltic states,” the Danish prime minister said during an intervention dedicated to helping her country in the Ukraine crisis.

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This battalion has already been set to alert for contingency to be developed in case of need.

An official request of NATO must be submitted in order for Denmark to send its troops to the field, clarified Mete Frederiksen.

The Danish Prime Minister is expected to travel to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania tomorrow and Thursday, together with her country’s party leaders, to visit the Danish soldiers there.

The announcement by the Prime Minister of Denmark comes after the speech of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in front of the Danish Parliament today, where he thanked Copenhagen for its assistance.

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